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Photocopy, Computer Prints, and Faxing

All branches have photocopy and fax machines available for public use. The BCLS does not profit from the public’s use of these machines, but does charge a fee to help defray the cost of paper and print cartridge expenses. The costs for these services are:

  • $.25 per page for black and white copies or computer prints
  • $1.00 per page for color copies or computer prints
  • $.25 per page for faxes

Patrons at Robinson-Carpenter Memorial Library may also print from their cellphone, PC, laptop, etc. The cost for prints are the same as for copies. Just attach your document to an email with your name in the Subject and send to: Then, at the Circulation Desk, tell them your name and that you would like to pick up your print.

Scanning Service

Robinson-Carpenter Memorial Library in Cleveland is pleased to offer a scanning service to all patrons at a cost of 25 cents per page. In addition to scanning personal and business documents, the Library System also endeavors to assist our patrons in the preservation of their genealogical, historic, and cultural heritage through the digitization (i.e., scanning) of their family documents, photographs, and slides.

Please be aware that while the scanner has built-in software that can be used to perform limited enhancements to scanned images, this service is not a restoration service. If your documents, photographs, and/or slides require restoration, please consult a professional service.

Please be aware that any requests for the scanning of personal documents, photographs, and/or slides must comply with copyright law and the “fair use” doctrine. It is recommended that you call ahead to verify that the Reference Services Librarian is available prior to visiting the library. Generally, the scanning service is provided on a first come, first served basis, but is you have a large number of items to be scanned, please call ahead to make an appointment. For a copy of the BCLS “Document, Photographs, and Slides Scanning” Policy, to make an appointment to have your documents scanned, or if you have any other questions, please contact Tamara Blackwell, Reference Services Librarian, at (662) 843-2774 x104.


If you have documents that you would like to have laminated, bring them to either Robinson-Carpenter Memorial Library in Cleveland and the Rosedale Public Library. The cost is $1 per page, which helps defray the cost of lamination supplies.