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The Moving Forward Project, a program sponsored by the Mississippi Library Commission, aims to make public libraries a more visible resource for the formerly incarcerated by assisting public libraries in providing resources to this group so they will more successfully reenter society. BCLS is proud to be participating in this worthwhile program and make these resources available to our patrons.

Books for the Current and Formerly Incarcerated. The books in this bibliography were carefully selected to provide resources for the formerly incarcerated individuals, their families, and their communities to help ease the transition for a successful return to society. The print books and online resources included in this list were selected and recommended by Reentry Essentials Initiative.

Mississippi Reentry Guide. This guide lists many services and resources available throughout the State of Mississippi that will assist ex-offenders, their families, and their communities in a successful transition from incarceration to rejoining society. 

Mississippi Reentry Essentials. This website, a component of the Reentry Essentials Initiative, has a clickable map that provides quick and convenient access to a series of state-specific resource directories. Each state-specific directory contains a wide variety of local, state, and federal support organizations that are envisioned as a starting point from which to expand ones’ awareness of the resources available within a geographic area. Just click on your desired state to begin.

Fresh Start @ Your Library was a program that is focused on reconnecting returning citizens with their communities at public libraries, offering assistance with everything from finding a job, getting housing, getting a driver’s license, and preparation to take the GED exam, to completing many other essential tasks. While this program is no longer being funded, there is still some valuable information in the following YouTube video and Facebook Page. 

State Prisons in Mississippi. The website includes resources for current and the formerly incarcerated.

Prison Policy Initiative. This non-profit includes resources for current and the formerly incarcerated.